Hands-On Metabolomics and Proteomics Workshop

Hands-On Metabolomics and Proteomics Workshop Dates and registration
This course will provide both the novice and the experienced mass spectrometry user with a comprehensive understanding of the current techniques and challenges involved in performing mass spectrometry-based proteomics and metabolomics studies using both targeted and profiling methodologies.

Lecture topics: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry and Database Searching, Sample Preparation, Small Molecule Analysis, Quantitative Omics, Clinical Samples, NMR-based Metabolomics, and Advanced Technologies. Participants will also obtain extensive hands-on experience in the laboratory in the areas of sample preparation, sample collection on several mass spectrometers, and data analysis.

Laboratories are divided into 3 stations where participants receive hands on experience in:

Sample Preparation: Preparation of proteins and small molecule samples from urine and plasma.
Instrumentation: Electrospray time-of-flight, quadrupole time-of-flight, ion trap, and triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.

Curriculum: Hardware and software overview, calibration (TOFs), gradient design (LC methods), and hands-on experience on each instrument. Students analyze their own samples accumulated during the Sample Preparation laboratories using multiple instruments.

Bioinformatics and Data Analysis: Students receive an overview of data analysis solutions. In addition participants use SpectrumMill and GeneSpring MS software to analyze their own data.

Dates and registration

1400 Jackson St., K924
National Jewish Health
Denver, CO 80206

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