Proteomic Applications of Mass Spectrometry
(Web Learning)

Proteomic Applications of Mass Spectrometry Dates and Registration
In this web-based course, students will be introduced to applications of proteomics and mass spectrometry in the context of several typical proteomics workflows. Students will access the course via and Agilent Technologies web portals. This course is divided into four, 90 minute lectures:,

Session I: Basics and Background: Topics include: Protein structure, types of proteomic analyses (eg. identification, characterization), peptide mass mapping introduction, applications, introduction to specific proteomic problems and projects, introduction to common workflows.

Session II: Sample Preparation: Topics include: simplification methods, 2D gels, MDLCMS (multi-dimensional liquid chromatography mass spectrometry), off-line fractionation techniques, immunodepletion, in-gel and in-solution digestion protocols, review of common workflows.

Session III: Analytical Solutions: Topics include: Components of a mass spectrometer (inlets, sources, analyzers, detectors), common terms and features of mass spectrometers (mass accuracy, sensitivity, resolution), comparison of specific instruments and hybrids (cost, performance, features), discussion of which instrument is suitable for which application, and where to find resources. Note: All of these discussions are purely subjective and based on manufacturer's specifications. Instructors do not express opinions regarding personal preferences.

Session IV: Data Analysis: Topics include: theory of peptide mass mapping, databases, data sources, search engines, MS searching, MS/MS searching, spectral interpretation

Dates and Registration
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